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Leasing a Home


Selling your home can be nerve racking.  You want to make sure that you have the right agent for that -- one that will listen to you.  It is important that you are heard.  Once "The Agent" has clarity on your needs, "The Agent" will be able to address them and guide you through every step of the process.  "The Agent" that can do that for you is me.  Let's get started today!

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Listing Your Home With Me!

Let's keep it simple:

  1. Hire "Make A Move" With Noemi.

  2. Set a timeline for selling your home.

  3. Set a competitive price to what is on the market that is comparable to your property.

  4. Anticipate closing costs.

  5. Set Date to list your home on the MLS and Market to the public.

  6. Set Date for "Open House" - Invite the neighborhoors

  7. Have a pre-listing home inspection (optional, but very helpful).
  8. Stage your home. (Optional)
  9. Get professional photos. ( Hired photographer by "Make A Move" With Noemi ).

  10. Host "Open House"

  11. Receive, review and negotiate offers.
  12. Select your buyer

  13. Close on your home!



Ready to List??? You are not alone. Call 410.790.7475 today!!!


"Make A Move" With Noemi

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