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As your area consultant specialist, I help you navigate your associate(s) and family members at their new location. It can be so stressful to move to a new town, let alone settle in.  That is where I come in, and provide one-on one support -- to help them get their personal affairs in order, facilitating a smooth transition and minimizing the stress.

For more information on pricing and packages tailored to your needs, call us today @  410.790.7475.  You will be glad you did.

Short Term | Long Term Corporate Local "Settling-In" Services in Maryland
Serving Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll and Howard Counties

Personal Accounts Support

* Open bank account(s)

* Obtaining social Security Card(s)

* Obtaining driver's license(s)

* Vehicle Registration

* Leasing or buying a car

* Setting up utilities

* School registration

* And much more

1 day to 4 days

Area Tour

*City tour | Getting to know your city and surrounding area.

1 day to 1 1/2 days.


Housing Support

* Personalized home-finding service

* Catered to meet your needs

* Adhere to housing budget

* Close to work

* Interests

* Within your time frame

2 to 4 days

Departure Support

*Support to transition to new assignment

* Account closings

* Lease Termination support

* Utility cancellations

* Move-out day

* Walk through property

* Schedule Cleaning Service

* Visit post office to forward mail to new address

1 to 3 days


"Make A Move" With Noemi

C 410.790.7475 

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